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I Want A Man That Cries

Many take the sign of man crying as weakness
I say it's a symbol of humbleness & his meekness
Society says men don't cry they are strong to the end

Well give me a man that cries that means he at
Least is willing to try and make the effort
That means he has feelings & there is a soul
That lies beneath that iron structure exterior

Tears from a man mean more than those of a woman
A woman is taught to cry it's to her advantage
That if a man sees a woman crying he will cut
You some slack just by that act alone

Well I say this a man that is not afraid to cry
Alone, on the phone or in front of anyone
That's a man that will cry with me & is willing
To share my joy and my pain
That is a man would walk thru the fire & rain

Written by D. Michele


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