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Are You The One?

My heart just feels
Like it wants to just stop
How do endure and I
Begging God for the cure
Are you the one?

When the rest of the world
Turns it's back on this fragile
Girl inside me
Are you the one?

What is there to gain by
Enduring this pain day by
Day while you are away
Are you the one?

I want to be held
Kissed and caressed
And I will give only
you my best
Are you the one?

When I close my eyes
I can see only you and me
Sitting under the tree
Feeling the breeze of the leaves
Are you the one?

How does my heart have
Feelings for a man that
I have never touched
My heart whisper to my
Soul as such
Are you the one?

As my pen hits the paper
This is the only way to make
Love. I hope that you take
Every stroke of my pen
And feel it from within
Are you the One?

Written by D. Michele


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