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Love Brainwash

The sweet untruths you inflicted
The propaganda you subjected me
to so very consistently.

Unbeknownst to me, I was slowly
being brainwashed,
And for some reason, common sense
just sat aside and watched.

You developed a code thru e-mail
and telephonic conversations,
A highly complex language of
electronic permutations.

Somehow you managed to hack
into my fragile mainframe,
Shortcircuiting it and rendering me
temporarily insane.

And once inside my complex machine
you began sytematically,
To redefine what had, till then,
been automatically,

An integral part of my being -
a fundamental component,
And once that was replaced,
I lost sight of my true opponent.

Slowly I slipped into a destructive
yet comforting routine,
Convinced that I had finally found
someone who said what they mean.
Thinking I had found the sencerity
of a soul connection,

I was sure that in your eyes,
I saw my own reflection.
But my reverie was soon to be torn
savagely apart,
As that gentle hand reached down
my throat and ripped out my heart.

You tore out a portion of me
I had guarded fiercly,
And without feeling, stomped it out
while it was still beating.
The voice that had once brought
my weary soul such relief,

Now only tortured my spirit,
invoking sheer disbelief.
I couldn't believe how empty
I had been to be so full of you,

Or what a fool I was to not see then
what I now vow never to do.

Written by Mountain Lily


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