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Each time i try to write about him
i get stuck
cuz i can never put my feelins for him into words
there are no words to describe what im feelin
its heartwarming when he says certain things to me
i get excited each time we speak
i can help but to think about him the way i do
its like he lives in my mind
whether im fatasizing or just thinkin about somethin he said
i've never felt this feeling before
and i dont know how to act
i guess its cuz its finally my turn to be happy
its just something in the way he makes me feel
that makes me wanna tell the world about him
but thats not my style
cuz i dont need everybody all up in my business
but back to the topic---him
everytime i think about him
he puts a smileon my face
why did i let him put a move on my heart like this?
suppose he doesnt feel the same way?
i'd feel like a damn fool
but at the moment, i dont care
cuz i want him

Written by Mumble


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