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Let Me Tell You How I Feel

i have these feelings deep inside of me
and i dont know how to deal
i cant keep it bottled in
so let me tell you how i feel
each time im with you
and you're holding me in your arms
i feel like you are my big strong protector holdin me in your arms
keepin me safe from harm
im feelin better already
cant wait to get it all off my chest
i dont know if you can handle it
so let me put it to the test
even though its been a while
you still give me the chills
but i feel comfort at the same time
which is why im tellin you how i feel
your eyes--no matter how big they are
they still bring me joy
and it makes me very happy
to have you as my boy
your nose--------well
i kinda have nothin to say
never really paid attention to it
it doesnt matter that much anyway
your lips are soft and satisfying
and you know just where to put them
and every time they touch me
my body gets to trembling
you and your magic hands
or magic fingers shall i say
they too can satisfy me
in more than one way
but when i look past the physicals
there for me, you have been
and beside being my man
you've been my friend
i can talk to you about anything
and i know you wont judge me
you accept me for who i am
and you bring out the good in me
so with all of that being said
for a man like you, people would kill
but being your girl, i wanna thank you
for lettin me tell you how i feel.

Written by Mumble


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