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My Heart is Mending

My heart is mending
though i will always have the scar
when you told me those horrific words
my work shattered
cuz i never thought in a million years that you would break this heart of mine
but my heart is mending
minute by minute
hour by hour
day by day
But the memory is stored in my mind forever
you werent the first one to hurt me
that job was done by my father
but since you are my first boyfriend
you were the first boy to do so
But i am a strong young lady
and it was my strength that allowed me to forgive you
That and how much i like you at that moment
So my heart is mending
but dont take my strength for for stupidity
Cuz that was your 2nd and only chance
But the most important thing is that
My heart is mending

Written by Mumble


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