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"From 150th street down to 133rd street (Chicago)"

Crack! Smash! Daaaaayuummmmm!
There goes another incident.
"Call the cops that nigga hurt!"
Moving to the phone,
Hesitation and fear grips the heart.
Making the very soul freeze and become hard.

Crack! Smash! Daaaaayuummmmm!
"Hold on they still fighting.
I wanna see it all.
Forget the cops they can wait!"
Blood begins to be present.

Crack! Smash! Daaaaayuummmmm!
The chanting begins as the fight progresses.
"Beat that whoe, Beat that whoe!
Stomp that bitch, stomp that bitch!"
Then, another joins the fight.

Crack! Smash! Daaaaayuummmmm!
Now it's two on one.
One on two,
Another joins to even the score.
Now it's two on two,
"I told you no jumping."

Crack! Smash! Daaaaayuummmmm!
The crowd still chanting,
The sounds still coming,
One calls the cops,
But, they still going.

Crack! Smash! Daaaaayuummmmm!
Weapons being brought into the fight.
Dirty tactics being introduced,
And the crowd loves it,
This display of ignorance.

Crack! Smash! Daaaaayuummmmm!
One falls to the ground.
But, before they get to the nigga on the ground.
A shoccing sight becomes present.
"He got a gun!"
Someone from the crowd yells.

Pow! Ahhhhh! Oh Shit!
The crowd scrambles at the sound of the gun.
"Run nigga, run!!"
Hearts beating faster than before,
Afraid of death, fear for self,
Engulfs the crowd.

Pow! Ahhhhh! Oh shit!
Down an alley,
Up the street,
Over fences,
Into abandoned houses they run.

Pow! Clicc! Clicc!
Silence falls on the scene.
Crowd gone,
Stragglers laying on the ground lifeless.
Sirens in the baccground.

WooWoo! WooWoo! WooWoo!
The cops arrive with an ambulance.
"How many today, sir?"
"Just one more than yesterday."
Bodies being carried,
Hand cuffs being slammed.

Sirens shut off;
Cold dead silence fills the air.
Cause they know,
Tomorrow's another day.

Written by Master Nappy Beard


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