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I do until I can't Do no more.

Pay bills, Pay taxes, give me, give me, give me.
You know that's all I hear from you.
If I get paid you take it from me.
If I get a job you make me get another to survive.
And you ask me to try my best to make others happy.

I got the perfect solution to that problem,
Well F*** it then.
I can't take it no more.
They don't help me be happy,
Why should I help them?

I'm just a pawn in your little game.
You treat me different than the rich catz up the road.
Why they get to receive while I give?
How come they got the luxury cars and mansions?
Look in my eyes and tell me why?

You ask questions like why I gotta rob Kanye West, Will Smith, or Al Pacino,
Why I gotta eat a big meal at the buffets,
Or my favorite question,
What do I see in this vast world of people through my eyes?
I'm gonna answer your questions.

Ya see I have no choice.
I rob these people cause I'm broke.
I need food,
My utility, telephone, and hospital bill due.
Don't worry about my car,
You won't find it at my house.

And the location is a secret,
That way I can keep it.
I see the world all asleep,
At one time in different time zones.
Yeah I said it.

We are sleep although we are awake.
Asleep to the progression of life.
People know little of life,
Its progression, lessons, changes, and future advances to be made.
And this is considered to be common knowledge or normal?

But what is normal?
Is its definition "the Majority?"
No wait there are differences within the majority.
The world is confused.
Hold on, who am I to decide?

I'm just struggling to find out.
Lend me a hand,
Or let me borrow your stripped hat.
So it can protect me from the raining in my building,
And if you lend it to me,
Don't forget to get it back.

I might sell it on the market,
'Cause I owe you,
And I'm at my breaking point,
If you look down,
I'll be here where as………………….
I do until I can do no more.

Written by Master Nappy Beard


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