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I'm Walking

Sitting across the room,
My thoughts you consume,
Without even an endeavor,
I walk to you hoping to be in favor.

However, you have that fire in your eyes,
Then I realize,
That I don't even touch the bar,
I'm not even fit to put gas into your car.

Yet many men catch your eye,
And I am passed by.
Cause I'm not what you're looking for,
So you close the door,
Of opportunity,
Towards me.

Seeing you talk to them,
Or better yet him,
Makes me full of envy,
Cause that should be me.

So my case I plead,
That I am the one you need.
Let me be the one you talk to,
The one that when you cry,
Wipes tears from your eye,
And comforts you.

I want to make you smile,
At least for a little while.
Each night I pray,
That one day,
I'll get this off of my chest.
Until then I wish you the best.

Cause in my mind,
It isn't time.
So right now,
I'll close my mouth,
And stop talking.
Cause again,
I'm walking.

Written by Master Nappy Beard


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