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Let it BE!!!!

Why not I tell thee of thy beauty?
For is it the coward of the tongue?
Nay, I say it is the forthcoming of the heart's desires.
We embrace not the ideas of compassion,
Not in the forms of his tragedies written.

Yet I allow,
Ye to lead on,
Unapprised of the situation,
That falls before thee.
And feel devoid of my desires.

Each night I dream of thee.
Thy sweet scent and soft touch,
Leads me into a deep obsession,
With thy beauty,
And all that comes with.

Poise and elegance,
Describes thy presence,
As thee enter rooms,
With unsuspecting viewers,
That are not ready for thee.

Yet they find thee intimidating,
I see not why.
Is it thy presence?
Or thy beauty that shuns them?
For this I am curious.

Not for their's sake,
But for the sake of my chances.
I need to know the feeling of thee.
Do thy feel about me,
As Pygmalion feels for the sculpture?

One day,
Lest not I die,
I see thee and me as fate's choice.
So, let not the chance die.
Let it BE!!!! Let it BE!!!!

Written by Master Nappy Beard


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