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No one knows
The story of the kid
Who comes from ducking
Bombs and hiding
From the men dressed
Like the soldiers from Gears of War

Growing up suspected
Of something, mostly nothing
And their livelihood is a crime
In the soldiers eyes
Their livelihoods are in danger
All because of a shitty government
But what do you understand?
What do you care?

This is the story
Of those kids
You call suicide bombers
Those kids you despise
On 9/11 because somehow
They were involved with Americas
Scare tactic.
I mean victimized
By Americas scare tactic.

Victims of foreign policy
Is a story no other
Could tell, unless experienced
such horror.

Imagine waking up
To the roof of your home
Caving in due
To bombs
Imagine the horror.

Vision the guards strapped
With guns and weapons
With your name written on the bullet
Waiting and watching
For you to mess up
Or be simply to be who you are
Imagine getting terminated
While expressing your culture
Imagine being scared of expressing
Your culture because of what people
Might say. Imagine being judge, bullied,
Even beat for being no other
Than yourself.
Express your culture
Wear your hijab with no fear baby girl.

This is the story
Of the beautiful people
Others disrespect, look down upon,
Make jokes about and treat
Like savages.

This is a message to their government
And America to get their shit together
These are the lives
Of who I consider family.
My brothers and sisters.
Think about the lives who escape
From such horror.
The Children
Women and
Men who aren't refugees
But immigrants.
No longer safe
At home and no longer
Safe in America.

Imagine the blood.
Imagine separate limbs
From the body of your mother.
Imagine how hard it is to breathe
From debris floating
In the air, from bombs exploding.
But let me guess
The girl with the hijab on
And thy guy who looks ethnic
Is the terrorist, right?

Terrorist: Violence and intimidation,
against civilians, in pursuit of political aims.

Imagine the planes
That drop bombs with the
U.S. ARMY stamped
On the side, waiting to kill
More innocent people
But they're the terrorist, right?

Imagine the fear
Of running from bombs
But no matter where you run
There will always be more
In the near and far destination.

Imagine hiding from explosions
But no matter where you hide
The risk of a building collapsing
On you, is absolutely evident.

Imagine the newborns.
Imagine the hate and anger
You would build up
In such situations
Imagine the pain and heartbreak
To see your family and people
Just like you die.

Imagine getting bombed from the time
You go to bed, from the time you
Get interrupted from a bomb explosion,
Till the time you wake up, if you could
Catch some sleep.

Imagine the horror.


Written by Nena Soldaat


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