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Emmett Till

My heart cries for you. The pain I feel every time I hear your story is indescribable, I am sorry. I get so angry every time I think or see the face of the woman who lied on your name. Oh
Emmett I am so sorry. I cry when I turn on the news and witness devastating stories who are similar to yours, when will this end? Emmett I wish I could have met you, I wish I was able
to protect you. Although I never knew you, born before my time I still hold a special place for you in my heart. I wake up every morning and strive for young men and women who are in
life threatening situations as you were for being no other than Black. Beautiful and Black, you were beautiful. I never met you but the energy that blasts through my body like a rocket
ship ready for takeoff, every time see your face on an article, Emmett I get so angry, why did they do this to you? You were just a boy. I heard your mother speak about you, it was quiet
lovely. She mentioned how beautiful your teeth and smile were, only if that smile got to shine as long as the shining stars. Oh Emmett, I can't imagine the hurt your mother went
through, the pain and the memories. Oh Emmett's mother I am very sorry for your loss, I know he must have meant everything to you. As he does to me, I would like to command you for
staying so strong and letting the public witness such senseless hate that victimized your son. It must have been hard to witness the face of your beautiful son just mutilated, I am sorry.
To see Emmett's face destroyed, beaten, shot, and his mother even described how it appeared as if they took an axe and bashed the top of his head, splitting his head in half. Oh
Emmett, I get so angry, I feel my blood boiling, and I want to react. I want revenge! They had no right to demolish such a innocent young man. They had no right to take your life away.
Oh Emmett I am sorry. I know you're gone now and I also know that you know the truth. You and I both know you are not guilty. I want to let you know Emmett that when the women
who confessed to lying about you whistling at her, the Supreme Court denied to reopen your case. I am sorry you'll never receive justice. She is now 82 and free at will to live her life
while you're down in a grave, entirely too soon. I am sorry Emmett, I wish there is something I could do. You deserve justice. You deserve to be alive and well. You deserve to be happy,
married with kids, and you deserved to live your life that was granted to you. Emmett I promise to fight and stand tall and strong for not only you but for the justice and lives of all
Africans. Oh Emmett, I am so angry for what they did to you. Emmett I will like to thank you, you have inspired me fight for what is right. Although what happened to you Emmett and it
makes me feel furious, sorrowful, and revengeful; seeing your face overwhelms me with nothing but love. Which is why I have took this energy and turned it into love, power, and
motivation. Emmett, I never knew you but your story drives knifes through my heart but that one picture with your smile, warms my soul. Oh Emmett, I live for you.

Written by Nena Soldaat


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