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Girl With The Fro

I'm the girl with the fro
I carry dro and i got the flow
To spit truth where truth
Is not wanted
Where truth is prohibited
The dro keeps me on flow
To scream the truth no matter
Where I am.

I'm the girl who doesn't give a damn
About rules and regulations
I'm the girl who hopped school fences
And took the key so they can no longer picket
my soul, I own my soul.

I was the kind of girl
Who was innocent but rebellious
The kind of girl who skipped
Detention and said
The hell with suspension
The girl who walked out of doors
Without a care in the world
I knew better but it felt right.

I am the type of girl
Whose passive, I'm a empty bucket
Until you overfill that bucket
With water it can no longer hold
From there I just flow
Over the edge
With the water they fueled
Into the bucket.
I black out when drowned
In this water
No one told them
That this girl is a Pisces
No one told them
That this girl can swim
This girl can hold her head
Above the water they continue
To throw into her bucket
This girl has more power
Than any foul mouth fool

I am the kind of girl
That takes no mess
Not even from the nicest
Beth, whose eyes are bluer
Than the ocean itself
Everyone loves Beth
She's the best
Even when Beth points at my naps
And turns my hair into some sort
Of comedy show, turned my style
Of poverty into shame
Well of course Beth had a big house
And three cars, always had
The freshest sneakers
Flashing them as if we should
All take a picture
Beth wouldn't know
A thing about the struggle.

I am the kind of girl
Who grew up tougher
Than the rest, as if they weren't
The ones who were throwing rocks
The size of turkey breasts.

I stood my ground
Although I framed a frown
I was never below the ones
I'm around, the rest were all some clowns.
Rather silly and I never got
That kid named Billy
Who threatened my friend
With his Willy.

We spilled the beans
About him being a creep
That didn't quite fly with his peeps
We got beat up for a guy
Who had a notebook full of sexual
Interaction with girls
He has never touched
They were all in the same class
Detailed imagery of 13 year olds
Stripped nude being displayed
As sex dolls, description of how
He would get off to...
Never mind
But this time they payed mind
To unrefined Billy
Threw him in juvenile
My friend and I got beat
Up for a pedophile.
We didn't think Billy
Would get in that much trouble
If only you read
How he thought of sticking a vibrating pebble... Never mind
So what we snitched
That somehow made me a bitch
But why defend someone
Who threatened girls his stick?

I am the kind of girl
Who wants to believe
That miracles exist
I've learned you have to persist
In order for the puzzle pieces to fit

See my life has never been easy
But that has never made me queasy
Maybe sleazy but never sick
Of the hustle

Paving through struggles
Like damn you God
My mom keeps calling to you
It's hard to tell her
That no God could have me
Worship false prophets.
Little did they know
they created that so called
God you worship
Plagiarism at its finest
They stole everything
Even the symbols
You see, the ones they advertise
It's even on your dollar bills
And please stop taking their pills
The walls of Egypt will tell you how to live
The walls of Egypt will tell you
Why they steal

I'm the girl with the fro
Whose smile glows
As the sunlight
Feeds my melanin with more luminosity
My cheekbones are my finest shine

I'm the kind of girl
Whose always paved
her own path
Guided through observation
I've always known who I am
Who I want to be
Who I am supposed to be
See it's always been hard to conform
When worms can crawl
Through dirt
They have made their mind
Up of who I am
But that's as never hurt
Who I truly am
I just keep squirming
Through their dirt
But I am stronger now
I will never bow down

I am the girl with the fro
I am stronger now
I will never bow down

Written by Nena Soldaat


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