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A night for the children

It was a night for the children
packed on stage tinned sardines.
They were all dressed in white
Singing Christmas carols
Reciting speeches from scripts
They had rehearsed. Their innocent faces
Shun from the light that brightened
The stage in the glow
Of their largely fair-skinned bodies.

I looked a little closer,
with less than innocent eyes,
to see what my mind suspected
was there behind the singing
and speechmaking; behind the close
compilation of these children
who showed no hint of descent-
oriental, Indian, white and 'mixed'-
concocted kids thrown into a fruit basket.
Yet, amidst this kaleidoscope
I sparsely remember one child
Of darker hue; unless you count
My niece, my half white sister's
Child, born of a dark-skinned father.

Written by Nicholas Alexander


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