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in the blueness

in the middle of the nite
is a blue thing
a blue thing in the nite
which covers me
makes music
like leaves that havent shown/
themselves     &
when i dont know where i am
when i dont know when i'll see you
what time it is
i lay
in the middle of the nite
covered up with  this    blueness
this memory of you

some men's eyes see hazel

mine see/ blue
sometimes it moves/ actually rocks
so even paris is not quiet
for me/ i linger by the seine
un homme noir
bein blue like the velvet hips
of river biguine for me
sway in the thickness
air on my arms
holdin me in from the nite i cd
enter with you
in the blueness
the forever weight of yr arms/
mine filled with sky

here i am carryin yr lips
yr tune now/ how you sing me
sometimes i even see clouds run
long like sea/ throw me like waves
throw me like wind/ make our breath
like the earth turnin/
never stoppin never hummin
but oh so loud

Written by Ntozake Shange (1914-2018)


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