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Happy To Be Nappy

Twists, locks and braids; our individual freedom of speech
Why is "Corporate America" tripping? What are they trying to teach?
Our hair is natural; wavy, tight or straight
Who are you trying to desecrate? Why the need for the great debate?
Our purpose is to reach and educate
The African-American experience is something you just cannot relate
Brought from our homeland in shackles and shame
We lost our true identity responding to your unfamiliar name
Now you want to smirk and sneer whenever we enter a room
Our persona, our aura is overpowering, too much to be consumed
Educated and elegant, oh we got it going on...
We are a people of dignity empowered by grace
Releasing the chains of the past, moving upwards to a higher place...

Written by NubianPoet


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