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Bare Metal bed

I think I love you,
Her words and he ran
His feet hit the floor
His Brain formed a plan
Find all the exits
Plot an escape
The sprinklers were on
And so was his cape
The wind on his bumm
Whipped him smoothely away
Yet a tide crushed him
Silver bars made him stay
His cell was lonely
His heart had only
Room enough for a donkey
And a bare metal bed.
Shoe sales men and
Stock ai,
Always run amock
With aging women
And their fairytale whispers
When the fire is gone,
And the smoke has all cleared
The lambs patted nicely
Then her soft wool is sheared
Cinders is looking
For slippers in air
The psychic told the gypsy
The gypsy told the farmer,
We don't mean to alarm her
There's just bare metal beds.
We ordered some shoes,
Some high heels and slippers
Put on some parfium,
Got out rotted nail clippers,
He's nothing to give,
Nothing more to offer,
Someone had fixed him,
He still wants to recover,
From a snakebite to the heart
Two darts in the eyes
A car accident
And a life in disguise
Forgotten sales men ai,
And strawberry
He has nothing to offer,
Than a bare metal bed.
Gypsy's tell farmers
And farmers tell bakers,
Pastors tell church folk
And church folk tell papers
Even when strawberry's and
Grapes sink like lead
A snow white awakens
From the slumber of death,
She'll buy him some shoes
Revive him anew
Carve off her skin
To quilt his bare metal bed.

Written by Otatade Iseghohi Okojie


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