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The tramp

When you see a tramp,
And don't toss a penny,
Though you have many,
Many and many,
Though you're jacket
Is wrapped around your mold,
And he sits shivering alive and cold,
When you see a tramp
And don't toss a penny,
In your mind you have
Not any,
Money to give,
Or silver to be dropped,
Then your eyes are closed,
And your heart has stopped
His nails
Their gritty,
And his eyes are slitty,
His lips are dry,
And his tongue is lispy,
His breath may ooze,
And his bum is sore,
But remember,
He was someone before,
His head may bald,
And his clothes may stink,
Or reek,
But think,
This man was someone once before,
Humbled upon a grimy floor,
Amidst a street of many peoples,
Who look upon
And see him feeble,
Maybe a twenty,
To add for his chew,
Maybe 40 to make him,
Have few
But when he says
"Could you spare some change?"
Do not turn,
And simply walkaway,
Have grace,
And let coins chatter,
So he'll have at least
Sausage in batter.

Written by Otatade Iseghohi Okojie


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