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The man who walked for miles

The man who walked for miles,
Just doesn't exist,
I commend the ideal
That one should persist
But hey;
This man had to rest,
And stop and catch his breath,
Otherwise he would fall and catch his death.
He even looked back into the past,
That didn't stop him from moving fast,
Sometimes, this brave tired old man as he,
Had to go back in time and see,
What was on his mind,
What he'd left behind,
And turn then walk away.
This is the story of the man that walked for miles,
Who had his burden slung on his shoulder,
Who travelled on,
Who kept strong,
Till he was older,
Much older,
For time never stops,
Doesn't just start and never finish,
Time and change,
Does not diminish.
This man now rests,
Legs stretched to unfold,
Without this journey,
His quest would never be told.

Written by Otatade Iseghohi Okojie


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