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Do not condemn me,
For being in love,
I have lingered beside you,
Till my bones rot in the tearful snow,
I have stroked you in the moonlight,
Glared at you in the sunlight,
My love,
Are my every conversation,
When the world fades,
And the busy disappear,
We will be alone,
Together and pointless,
Beyond the stars
We will exist;
Amongst the silence,
Of it all;
Do not condemn me;
For falling in love;
I have seen the concrete path
Of confetti,
The silhouette of a wedding dress,
And the smoke
Of a receding car;
I have seen children;
Crying you to sleep;
I have seen walks in the park
Of a crisp dry autumn;
Let me hold your hand
In this passing time;
Moments are far gone
To cry now,
But a broken heart weeps
Like a hungry dog,
I have lit a candle
For your every dream,
And lay you down
Beyond my loneliness,
I have emptied the
In your Paradise,
Simply because
I am yours.

Written by Otatade Iseghohi Okojie


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