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The cat near the hot tin roof

The cat near the hot tin roof,
Was careful where it stepped,
It didn't want to burn it's toes
Or accidentally break it's neck,
It didn't want to scrape over,
And blaze it's fur,
So it kept it's distance,
Not going Near,
But cat,
The roof has cooled now,
But still it purrs ,
When will you climb
And brace your wall,
So you can hold your head up tall,
Night turns to day,
Day turns to night,
This tired cat ,
Has wall in Sight,
This creature,
So regal,
So bold,
And so brave,
Meditates on how to behave,
Which way do I climb,
Without getting burnt,
But cat things have turned
And you should have learnt,
You can't go this way, that way or that,
You should be ready to face your spat.
Day turns to night and night turns to day,
Disapointedly the cat meows away.

Written by Otatade Iseghohi Okojie


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