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Fallen Heroes

How many fallen heroes,
Pave up the streets of life;
Curb their ambitions;
For boldness comes with strife;
And when they waste and lie there;
To glare up at the sun;
How we awe at what our heroes;
Have suddenly become;
Oh how they had potential;
And all their awesome plans;
The glory was our witness,
But now their humble men;
See when your grown it's then you see;
How people worship sympathy;
And when their down the world must know;
How things in life they sure must go;
You're not tearful when youre careful;
Or damaged when your safe;
Don't look for all your entrances;
Look for your fire escape;
When some fool passes;
Nods at you;
As you do as they are;
They are as you do;
Remember where your seatin;
That mushrooms ripe for eating;
The falling may be fallen;
But they are not paralyzed;
They may have lost their minds;
But could never loose their sight;
How the mighty when they crumble;
Will thud and clap but then;
Will hawl upon their boot straps;
To climb mountains all over again;
So when I'm down and toast my plans;
I'm telling you just who I am;
This mind is not for letting;
Neither heroes for forgetting;

Written by Otatade Iseghohi Okojie


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