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Broken Wings

I been held back even before my birth, I had to bust through the rubber
4 years old asking Momma why Daddy don't love her
I shed tears with peers
While dealing with ultimate fears
Now I'm begging the Lord to let me see 22 years
I had a father that wasn't there
A sister that didn't share
I'm glad I had my momma cuz nobody else cared
I really want to stress that it hurt so bad
That I had to learn to be a man, without my dad
But like fake nails I pressed on
Learned how not to get stuck like Teflon
Got whipped for shit I did, but I still kept on
Damn, life is crazy ain't it
I used to think it was my fault, but it's not it's the fault of the ones who made me ain't it?
I'm confused and my soul is bruised
Got the doctor screamin, "HELP, somebody get this fool!"
Although they wanted to, they couldn't stop me
I felt like they wanted to put me in a casket and drop me
Had a dream I got popped and it was my own cousin that shot me
But I didn't die, I just kept on moving
I hit the button on the alarm clock and kept on snoozing
No matter how hard I try to hold back this hurt inside
These tears just seem to fill up my eyes
I'm only 21 and I'm already stressin
But I pray and ask God to keep on Blessin!!!
So as the years pass by, and I keep getting older
I try to knock off this big chip on my shoulder
So when my time comes to meet Jahova
I can pour heavenly champagne until my cup runith over!!!!

Written by Osmond L. Oliver Jr.


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