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Love So Deep

Love so deep you will never understand
To bad things didn't go as they were planned
I lay at night and think of my life
Wishing I had the chance to make you my wife
You came in and took control
Not only did I fall in love with you, I fell in love with your soul
Loving me daily without any questions
I told you before, girl you're truly a blessin
You understood all of my ways
You brought joy to all of my days
When I think of what a Black Woman should be
Please believe you're the first face my mind can see
Unbelievable, the love that you gave
Joined as one riding our love like a wave
Even if you were paralyzed from your feet to your head
I'd carry you every day from the car to your bed
Knew it was special right from the start
Love so deep I'd write my vows to your heart

Written by Osmond L. Oliver Jr.


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