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Twisted Situation

You don't really want to trade your life for any other life
Cuz if you did I'd probably be fathering your kids and be bangin your wife
So think twice before you ask to be someone or somewhere else
That could be my picture sittin on top of the shelf
I could be the one outside mowing your lawn
Or chastising, and having boy to man talks with your son
Awww hell, now just think of ya daughter
Now would you want it to be left up to me to hold her and spoil her
I don't think so, so you better take care of your home
Before your wife have a new reason to put on that new thong
You prolly can't vision or don't think it'll happen
But I would love to take your place and have your wife's ass cheeks clappin
Learn to respect your wife and take care of yo kids
I'm so sick of seeing black babies growin up to be terrible kids
It makes me mad when I witness child neglect
Then his punk ass gets mad when they start taking his check
So when you lay down to sleep tonight, just think about me,
And your wife in my bed, sleeping with me
I hate to get graphic and start talking all dirty
But when I tell it to you nicely you act like you ain't even heard me
So stop bullshittin and get your shit together
Cuz you know a strong sister is your umbrella in bad weather
Don't make me be the reason that ya'll not together!!
Cuz I'll love her so good she'll hit high notes in acapella!

Written by Osmond L. Oliver Jr.


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