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Give Me Life Again

I speak with my pen, telling my stories
But yet you find a way to still ignore me
I show you love. I give you my heart
I feel like I'm in a race with a never-ending start
Running, running, running until I can't breath
Why can't you see that you're the one I need
I'm almost at my last gasp of air
Save me with your love, a love that it so, so rare
I think it's almost over now; I can barely open my eyes
You'll never know now what I was keeping as a surprise
Oh, God why is this happening to me
What did I do? Help me father, help me get her back and I promise I'll be true
I'm about to fall but will you catch me
Catch me with the your arms, your arms of mercy
I hurt you unpurposely but are you purposely trying to hurt me
I hope not because that would really hurt my spirit
I'm yelling this to you with no breath hoping that you hear it
I hope you come back so that I can survive
Love me once again and give me a reason to be alive

Written by Osmond L. Oliver Jr.


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