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Now I Understand

She went through it all
Aneurism, stroke, and countless operations
But stayed so strong and graceful while preparing for her eternal visitation
I wish you could have seen itů
We fed off of her energy all the way until her last gasp of earthly air
But that last breath was the one that was hardest to bare
She was like a dying flower that gave her last bit of oxygen to those around her
Making us stronger and more appreciative
Appreciative of life and what it means
She stayed focused and never let the devil intervene
Soulful, cheerful, and full of love
But the Lord made a call, a call for his special dove
She set flight, to never return
Now I understand that neither birth nor death is easily earned
We joke, we laugh, we hurt and we cry
But we all know that one day, we too must die
But when I lye down and say my prayers
I know I have an angel on my team upstairs
She's no longer here in her human form
And still today I have a heart half torn
Torn from knowing that she left here early
I miss the hugs, kisses, pinches and her hair half curly
There are several things that I miss about her
Which makes me wish things could be now, how they were
But I know the real reason, she left this earth
It's because God had a spot open in Heaven for a new birth!!!

( Dedicated to: Temple P. Gage (Granny) 1938-2001 )

"Gone But Never Forgotten" I Love you Granny!

Written by Osmond L. Oliver Jr. (Oldest Grandson)


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