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At Sunset

I stood in the doorway at evening,
And I looked to the hills far away
Where the sun's last rays seemed to linger,
Ere they faded in brilliant display.

Yes, lingered in beautiful splendor,
And the scene was rare to behold,
A pale blue sky was its back-ground,
With stretches of pink and gold.

What wonder that Nature's rare beauty
So inspires the soul and thrills
Our beings with tender emotions,
As we look far away to the hills!

To the "hills" of which "David" has spoken,
"From whence comes my help," said he,
And we have the same blest assurance,
As we gaze on their majesty.

And we think of the Power who formed them,
They seem like a tower of defence
To protect and to ward off the evil
Until we depart and go hence;

Where the sunlight fades not, but lingers,
And to-night my waiting soul thrills
As I stand in the doorway at sunset,
As I look far away to the hills.

Written by Olivia Ward Bush (1869-1944)


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