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The Nation's Evil

A sound is heard throughout our land,
A moaning, yearning, pleading cry;
"O mighty Arm of Right stretch forth,
Crush out our hopeless misery.
I see a weary dark-skinned race
Bend low beneath Oppression's weight,
I hear their off-spring wailing out,
O, "Save us from our father's fate!"

I see a fierce, blood-thirsty mob,
Add torture to a quivering frame.
I hear an agonizing cry
Hushed by the cruel fiery flame.
I see the home left desolate,
I see a father forced to die,
I hear a mother's anguished groan,
I hear their children's piteous cry.

How long I ask shall these things be?
How long shall men have hearts of stone?
My soul grown sick and faint within,
Cries out in supplicating tone,
"Great God, send forth thy swift demand,
Declare this evil shall not be,
That man give justice unto man,
And cease this inhumanity."

Written by Olivia Ward Bush (1869-1944)


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