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it is said that god made adam and eve
not adam and adam nor eve and eve
yet in this existence,that is something I/EYE shall not believe
to be biblical about the matter
even the devil was once an angel
and adam and adam and eve and eve
asked not to come into this world to
be persecuted no more than the pedophile
asked to come into this world to molest a child
as well as the molested child really never asked
to come here to be molested
make no mistake,this is not a condoning
of the pedophile's actions
yet my point made is this
god knows all it is said and all I/EYE know is that
if all is known
then why knowingly allow this madness that
was known before hand to begin
blasphemy if you ask me blasphemy its not

Written by Omdia Memwequa


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