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Sickenly sweet
So sweet it hurts
Beaten by words
and mind-dazing luvin/fuckin'

Until the sheets and what he calls
a realtionship is worn threadbare

It's not fair
when he deceives me
Yet tells me he needs me
When his scent/seed still lingers
on another woman's sheet

Loving him is not easy
Though I cry when he leaves me with his bitterness
Soothe my pain with that deadly kiss
Worse than pounding fists
and at times

I wish I nevah opened my mouth/thighs
"Would you like to be part of my life?"
With your lies and deciet
Baby you make me complete

Why can't, why won't you love me
Or leave me
Got me stuck in between
Addicted and can't break the habit

Please don't make me fiend
For the hurt that feels so good
I've got to have it
Maybe I could understand

If you would
Just love me or
leave me.

Written by Oracle


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