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Mr. Chocolate Guy

Mr. Chocolate Guy
who had me fantasize
and ready to die
from anticipation

had my imagination blazing
of letting you between carmel thighs
just thoughts upon it
left me tongue-tied
and with every look into your quiet eyes

I realized
you were destined to be mine
If not eternally
for one night
just enough time

for you to melt inside
and for me to experience the cocoa delight
from this thugged-out brotha
who keeps me moist at night.

when you enter the room
the sex vibes are so thick
I can barely breathe
I believe that the parched erotic heat

Got me wanting to fuse our two bodies and souls
with the force of all my being
Mr. Chocolate Guy

I wanna slowdance naked on vanilla icecream clouds
and whisper sweet eargasmic somethings outloud
Your laugh inspires me to give a tongue bath
And once I've found where you taste the sweetest
and the creamiest

Toll's House Chocolate Chips
Don't and won't
have nothing on the sundae
I'm craving to dip into

Don't act surprised
Mr. Chocolate Guy
I know you feel the currents fly
whenever i ask if I can ride
The first brotha to ever make me shy

You know my only motive
Is to get you inside
So can we ride...
Can I ride?

Written by Oracle


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