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An Audrey Jones Jones

           I got me an Audrey Jones jones
She's my Ola in the morning
           She's my buenos at night
And even though she isn't Spanish
           At times she's foreign to me
She's like honey in coffee
           She's like cream in tea
I swear sometimes
           She's foreign to me
I don't know how to take her
           Still I thank God He made her
Because she is my favorite flavor
           The sweetness which I savor
It is plain to see that I've got me
           An Audrey Jones jones
Every time I see her
           My eyes can't believe her
That she's really in my life
           My woman my lover my wife
My Audrey Jones
           I don't know what I'd do if she would leave
More than mere companion she's a champion to me
           She is my fortune and my biggest fan
She is my reward for being a man
           I got me a jones for Audrey Jones
Sometimes she vexes me sore
           In the end I still want more
She's what I crave a masterful mix of mistress and slave
           By day she graces light and mmm
She shares delights at night
           She is my Audrey Jones
My no more being alone
           My hello to the sunrise
My loving right surprise
           My who God has given me to
And presented me with too
           My Audrey Jones
My olla my bueno my oh so and also
           My Audrey jones
My got to have it
           My happy habit
My Audrey Ola Jones

Written by Orlando S. Boykin


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