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Locked Down In The Lock-up

Locked down in the lock-up
You ain't hard no more
Face down in the lock-up
Don't wanna be a whore
Throw down in the lock-up
Represent like a man
Don't clown in the lock-up
Serious where you stand
All because you played a role
For the bling, bling you sold your soul
It's hot in here and it's really cold
Bitterness for being bold
Or shall we say rash, brash trying to get that cash
Ball and roll and talk some trash
The dreams you've burned have turned to ash
Locked down, locked down, locked down
            In the lock-up
Just do your time and try to wise up
Learn your lesson and give that vice up
Cain't have the dogs thinking you're a poot-butt
Club garrote shiv and knuckin' up
Will all add days because ain't no luck up
            In the lock-up
If you don't kill maybe your times up
            In the lock-up
Gangster love for your last thrill
Ten to life for the dollar bill
Held and fed against your will
Thinking about it gives me a chill
            In the lock-up
You cain't let the homeys see you weak
You know the rap before they speak
You're walking dead inside ten feet
Pray help you Lord to stand the heat
Or prepare your soul for Him to meet
            In the lock-up lock down lock-up
Can't even kneel you must stand and pray
Can't close your eyes night or day
Need Gods' protection to keep you sane
Why'd you catch you up in this game
If the Lord will have you, you pray take me now
Can't stand no more no way no how
You know you're just about to break
Crying Lord hold me or take me for Jesus sake
About to die from being scared
You read Gods' word it said He cared
But you're no boy scout so you're not prepared
You need the Lord your sins to bear
Before death takes you out of here

You miss your baby and her mother
Your little sister and your brother
Don't want to die you cry like what I am
Became a thug to become a man
But thugs just crooks with dirty hands
Took all this to understand
The creds and glam are all a lie
A plot for you to kill and die
It took yourself to find you out
You played the fool without a doubt
Now here you are with no clout
No couth no joy no cause to shout
            In the lock-up locked down, down, down
            In the lock-up down, down, lock down
Riding herd over dead men
Who only live to kill again
Boss of nothings kings of sin
Searching hard to find a friend
But ain't no friends when you're living dirty
Been born dead and won't reach thirty
Got no chance to make parole
Got no hope of growing old
Dealt bad cards but still can't fold
            In the lock-up in the lock-up
This place where life sent you to die
It's what you get for getting high
A place where bad choices force you to stay
A place where tenderness you must slay
If you would see another day
Pray God rescue you from this play
But it's no act it's a gruesome fact
If you survive you're still doomed
Wherever you go there's still this room
Where death is held and is coming soon
You're sorry now you could have bloomed
You hate yourself but yourself you've groomed
            For the lock-up lock, lock, lock-up
            You're locked down, down, down in the lock-up
But freedom is just a prayer away
Pray help me Lord Jesus find the words to say
I need your Spirit with all my heart
Lead me Lord through the dark
Fish me up into your ark
Hold me so we never part
Uncage me from my reality
And chain me to Your design for me
Lock me up in Your lock down for eternity
God Almighty Jesus Please Help Me!

Written by Orlando S. Boykin


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