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Who Are We?

We were stronger when we were Negroes
We were mighty when we were Black
We are hyping when we hyphen
The AFRICAN-American used to be the colored man
But when we are niggers we lack
We wield the whips which lash our backs
We incarcerate ourselves in our own skins and into their prison cells
We turn the hip-hop videos into hi-tech minstrel shows
When we are niggers we embrace the vultures' culture
Haters clones we pick our own bones
Despising self on their behalf doing anything for a laugh
Because niggers are merely animules made to work hard, treat cruel and of course act the fool
Nigger turns the rope of hope into a noose niggers tie us right back up to where
Negroes cut us loose
Where then is our dignity where then our worthiness to be among the free
When we embrace the very term our enemies use to make us burn; with embarrassment and hostility
Niggers are not and cannot be considered proper men they're oafish children with apish grins
With a child's' mentality and a fiend's sexuality according to those who held us in captivity
Why fight for the right to declare ourselves someone we have never been
As Negroes we became our own best friend
So then let us now return to where we were when we still could learn
Away from where we've come to be, nigger lovers with no majesty
Back to BLACK powerful and free, able to choose our own destiny!

Written by Orlando S. Boykin


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