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No More Ordinary

Dull, average, run of the mill
Nothing special; yet and still
You noticed me, me ordinary me
Lacking in the social graces
Unable to fill the empty spaces
No talent to call attention too
No skill worthy to mention but you
You noticed me, me ordinary me
Just one dressed for Divine intervention
One so blessed by Holy intention
Desire for Your will
Stationed on a hill
Fastened to a tree for me, ordinary me
I could have been lots richer yes
Better looking I confess
Even maybe smarter yet
Never could be more well blessed
No matter who I might could be
Than me, ordinary me
Looking forward to the day
When harmony will mark my way
And though I may be no beauty
I yet reflect who God sees in me
Me ordinary me
You Jesus are my entity
My personal identity
You're how I've learned to recognize me
And even though I'm ordinary
I'm saved by grace made chaste to marry
No longer lost at last I'm found
A jewel for my Masters' crown
I shall adorn the diadem
Even a stitch along His hem
To be ordinary no more again
At last detached apart from sin
And find my place always with Him
Just imagine me, ordinary me
Not awkward average nor ungainly
Neither either dull for plainly
I shall shine just like the Son
Who is Almighty the Glorious One
Who values little ones like me
And lifts us above society
And fills us with His Deity
Which is His grace extraordinary
For me ordinary me
His Holy Spirit lives in me, I in Him
And We in Thee Father God eternally
Forever free to be no more ordinary

Written by Orlando S. Boykin


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