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College Material

Welcome to the community college
Where students of life major in street knowledge
The professors are neighbors and people you know
Their lectures don't matter only the flavor they flow
Its not who you are when everyone's looking
In the heat of the night we can smell what you're cooking
Don't put on airs swollen and fronting
Back that thing down before you end up punting
All we all got has been given to us
If Paris weren't an heiress it'd be the back of the bus
But I ain't hating I'm just telling it like it is
And if you're really a star you don't need show biz
The talent the knack the notion the face
None of this counts if we don't win the race
It won't make you special to have all the toys
Especially when you get crossed by your boys
The ladies don't feel you they think you're a joke
Loose that money they'll leave you in smoke
And speaking of ladies well goodness knows
You surely can't love them and then call them hos
All the women who answer to that mess
Need to get their minds right and seek to be blessed
This is just a shout out from the community college
Shaking your collar and dropping some knowledge
Savor the flavor and think for your self
Don't let the hype psych you into poor mental health
Whoever you are you can only be you
We all make mistakes and have one bill due
Death doesn't take VISA but VISA takes life
American Express can't free you from strife
As a matter fact there is no credit card
That can keep you out of the bone yard
And real life really takes JESUS the CHRIST
J-Christ so nice He paid the full price sooo
Even though we die we'll rise again
Throw up your hands make a real friend.

Written by Orlando S. Boykin


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