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Old Screw New Screw

People have been screwing each other over and over for years
Yet in 6000 years of recorded history AIDS had not appeared
There are no new positions since the Kama Sutra was written
But now we have this new super bug that resists every drug
It attacks the Blacks they say the brothers are down low
It is from prison sex they say that they've been dealt this blow
How did they get to prison I think we all already know
That it's by any means necessary with or without a crime and
Even when the judge is a black skinned man the brothers get more time
Now the black woman of the black man begins to loose her faith
And seeks her former rapist out asking him out for a date
We're being killed like Hebrew slaves after working like rented mules
The other white meat has no more use for us we're out dated farming tools
Just like in pharaohs day the girl babies he doesn't mind
In fact at first it may seem old Massa's being extra kind
Now our women say we're lazy immature and not trying
Forgetting that we're ostracized, falsely accused and are still striving
I know that so many of our men marry outside our race
Brain washed clean by the dirty green we think we're saving face
When in reality we're really courting disgrace
While all the other immigrants without our 400 year plus pedigree
Move ahead of us in line and claim supremacy
Yet for all their dirty work they soon will be rewarded
And all the evil deeds they do from Heaven are being regarded
But look for a minute at the total tape one fact that they can't escape
Is that for all their low-down trickery we as a people are still great
We walk the halls of power, wealth is in our grasp
We've done great and mighty things by bowing to the King of Kings
And we shall overcome if we don't forget our past
Knowing only what we do for Christ is really going to last
Still we need be diligent to walk with dignity
For self respect is I expect all that can be guaranteed
So let's not lose the one thing we don't have to ask for
And realize that having money can also make you poor
The goal is not to mimic their greedy version of success
But to incorporate the least of these into the love processes
The challenge is not our provision; it is in providing to others we lack
So we must provide our children with an appreciation of being Black
Not to claim us superior to any other beings
Yet to honor the Supreme and respect His feelings
For GOD so loved the world
Should we you and I do less
For if we're blessed to be a blessing
Let us now then bless.

Written by Orlando S. Boykin


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