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Before there was music
There was sound
When sound was made
It was made by voice
When voice uttered sound
It was music
Voice is housed in person
Person houses people
People are housed in bodies
Bodies are housed in environments
Environments are housed on planets
Planets are housed in space
Space is housed in imagination
Imagination is housed in GOD
The orchestration of sound is music
The orchestration of music is words
The orchestration of words is ideas
The orchestrations of ideas are worlds
The arrangement of worlds is governments
The arrangements of governments are politics
The arrangements of politics is economics
Harmony in economics is peace
Peace is the melody of contentment
Contentment is the song of joy
Joy is the symphony of gratitude
Gratitude is the music of thanksgiving
And thanksgiving is the voice of praise
Praise is the sound of people
Carved from the imagination of GOD
Who love hearing HIS voice sing
HIS song is written in the languages
That every nation reads
HIS tone and pitch are evident
There is no mistaking what HE means
Greed is playing out of tune
Envy is dancing out of time
Pride is singing out of key
Discord is a war against order
Order is a function of rhythms
Rhythm is the heartbeat of music
Love is the lullaby satisfaction croons to joy
Death is noise which is
The sound of life without GOD

Written by Orlando S. Boykin


Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge