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He's No David

My own country has become foreign soil
Purchased with money made with foreign oil
Sold by a servant elected by we
The home of the brave is now the land of the fee
What's next? our airports or our army?
Will we have foreign landlords in a house built by me?
That it is even considered should make our blood boil
We defeat the enemy then give him the spoil!
We can't buy one grain of Arab sand
But we can sell him keys to the doors to our land!
Are we stupid because we don't understand?
The fox guards the hen house now that's a stupid plan
Where the hell is our integrity?
We would as soon sell our liver or kidney!
We certainly seem to have sold our mind
Go to e-bay buy our heart online
Jesus said the hireling cares not for the sheep
Bush is no David he's selling us cheap!

Written by Orlando S. Boykin


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