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Challenge / with regards to Langston Hughes' *Mother to Son

She says if you can beat me rocking
You can have my chair
My life ain't climbing
No crystal stair*
Don't think it's easy
Because you see me do it
Despite what you see
There's a lot more to it
I'm too old a cat
To be called a kitten
I love too hard to be love smitten
I done cried my last good cry
I'm more ready to kill
Than ready to die
Yeah it's been mighty hard on me
Even good advice has not been free
But it's made me tough and hard to beat
Yet I'm tender enough
To provide this treat
Don't give up, and don't slow down
Never think you've got it made
Never think you own the town
And never stop rocking
While you still got a chair
And if you can rock hard enough
You best buy yourself a spare

Written by Orlando S. Boykin


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