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I Dream Beyond the Dream

I yawn, I stretch, I rise, and I step beyond the dream
Into the alley of reality littered with broken promises, lies lay atop intentions; trying to
conceal the naked truth cloaked in political inventions
The broad boulevard of indulgence beckons but butter won't melt on its pavement
Its way is lit so brightly one cannot see the precipitous cliff a mere few steps ahead
There is only one light in the alley of reality and it shines within the heart of the traveler
Placing one caring foot in front of the other to at once seek safety and rescue from danger
the future of our world
The light more felt than seen is an understanding that banishing evil alone is not enough
Embracing love not only illuminates but warms and feeds and clothes the needs of
Entire generations smothered by greed's insatiable appetite for more, occupy love
Love soothes the thirst; it lifts the curse from us in illustration of holy assignation
Love fights not by itself but for itself love covers all a shield no weapon can pierce
Love says I vote to honor our gift, I elect compassion, I run to glorify life
Martin was GOD with skin on occupy his dream
So much blood shed toward this opportunity
I pray none take for granted this first, great, best, test of integrity
This pay as you go is also to pay what you owe, and is to pay forward a place to grow
A place you know you wish to gift your kin and kith with: the freedom to dream bliss
We sweat more in cotton fields than the hoses of hatred spewed on us for this right
Pepper spray is on the menu today
We bled; more at whipping posts than the saliva of the sadistic sadists who spat upon us;
to mark, our mark
Baton punch for lunch hurt for desert
We cried more tears for lost loved ones, by bullet boat, hope and rope than are in all the
baptismal pools in Christendom to wear this badge
Gassed by the social class whose freedom we have fought for on love's behalf we sing an
old song with a new score (intro we shall overcome someday)
Occupy the dream
We learned courage, and nursed our enemy at our own breast to be able to dream beyond
the dream
We were bathed in venom we survived Gehenna to say I voted today as they endeavor to
wrench it away we must hold fast to the last
Because I am free to do so by the blood sweat and tears of yesterday I say I voted today!
I occupy the truth of the Gospel I occupy the shoes of Martin I march to every sit in,
sleep in, stand in and boycott which rails peacefully in opposition to those who murder
I offer up myself on the altar for righteousness sake I dream beyond the dream for
children yet unborn
Because no other reality will do and because Dr. King would have wanted me to I accept
the challenge to dare to fight beyond despair to go willingly into the lair of the enemy for
those whose tomorrows are caught in the teeth of the time stealers, bad actors, and
bottom dealers
I occupy, I dream, I act, I dare because Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had care enough to die
to show me how to live LONG LIVE THE DREAM! …And may the dreamers never die.

Written by Orlando S. Boykin


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