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Happy Birthday

            Ninety-eight years old today
Broke down like an old sofa
            You have to climb off of
I remember your daddy though
            He died young
Fifty-five ain't no time for a man to live
            Pshaw life just makin' sense then
But ninety-eight is too old
            Folks hopin' I make a hundred
But I don't! I settled my accounts
            I'm ready to go!
Your daddy was a good man
            Wish I coulda known him longer
Not this long but longer you know
            With health
Here in this death house they call
            A nursing home; nobody gets
Out alive, what I can smell ain't pleasant
What I can taste ain't good and what I can
Remember happened thirty years ago
            Your daddy was lucky to get out when
He did though 'cause this here ain't shit!
            Sittin' around mouldering away
Yep ninety-eight years old today
Eighty in health eighteen in decay

Written by Orlando S. Boykin


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