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5 Minutes

five minutes until yesterday
five minutes from tomorrow
standing five whole minutes away
from happiness or sorrow
the future lies in the past some say
and when tomorrow becomes yesterday
we'll be caught forever in today
wishing we were still
    five minutes away ~
saying good-by is hard to say
    when forever is only five minutes away
five minutes ago we had a choice
but we took a chance and lost our voice
fell from grace for cheap romance
    for a short five minutes prance
in only five minutes life changed our view
what was old became the new ~
like five long minutes before clock out time
as a chill creeps down your spine
the foreman and two burly guards
    just in case you take it hard
when a mere five minutes ago
you were thinking how far you'd go
they ought to warn a man because he can't know
what all can happen in five minutes flow ~
split seconds happen all the time
so we must make up our mind
how we'll live to fix our dying
when we've done with all our crying
five minutes more to contemplate
might have changed our very fate
its better to take five minutes now
before we take that final bow ~
consider what your gain will be
five minutes from eternity
how long five minutes really last
before the future becomes the past

Written by Orlando S. Boykin


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