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Do you live in Trees?

To be black is no crime
No one gets to choose their face
But God gives the countenance
And you must provide the expression

Im black, beautiful and blessed
So my mother told herself
When as a young African village lass
Chance took her to study in another land

Some there frowned upon black
Out of ignorance, they judged by color
But to be black is no crime
Hue does not determine character or wit.

At a party, a wisecracker threw a jibe
He asked the African lass
If indeed all blacks lived in trees
It was meant to vex and cause mirth

Without missing a beat
Mom replied that indeed
All lived in trees
Foreign ambassadors had the biggest
And it was fun to watch them swing from branch to branch
Were the jibber in Africa,
He would be accorded the honor of the zoo
Because he had the sense of a monkey!
All round the party the laughter was explosive.

Written by David Ossiya


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