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Boys/Girls of the Night

( This poem is dedicated to our young children/adults who are being
exploited, runaways or missing. This poem really hits home because I've
seen them on the streets and always wondered how I can help. I pray for
them and their families. )

Lights are flashing from behind me,
I'm walking yet running at a steady pace,
hoping they won't catch me,
when they see me try to flee.
They're watching me intently,
I can feel their gaze burning with fury.

I know I'm young,
I've heard that song many times,
I just want to hang out,
to be free to be me
and to establish my own identity.

With no rules,
no regrets,
with no pressures to stay,
I'll be on my way.
All I want to do is go home,
to be with my family and my friends,
but I'm scared,
scared silent!!!!!!!!

Written by Tomora Michelle Pace


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