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It's Time

methinks, it's time
to move on
to a new place

open a new chapter
where new characters
are my co-stars whilst the old make to
the exit taking with them everything about them

with hope and trust in time
new friends like shoots of stems will rise
to hold and cherish like a porter mending
broken pieces of a heart littered here-and-there

I am not scared,
and will not be startled
nor surprised to see familiar faces
of flames that lost their glow
among all these strangers,

instead I am glad
to hear a sympathetic voice
among those who care
and respect who I am

I will be happy
to speak to someone
who knows I am human
however painful it may

but is eager to understand
and be a friend to the damned one
and give me the chance to start anew,
regaining what I have cried for all these years

Written by Padmore Enyonam Agbemabiese


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