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I don't want to hurt no more,
I don't want to cry no more,
I don't want to be alone no more,
I can't take it no more,
I want to be loved,hugged,
carressed and cuddled.

I feel like I'm never gonna
find that special person
to fill that empty space
in my heart.Maybe I need
to stop trying so hard,
stop labeling things
wrong and label it right,
from the start.

I could've ended this
hurt along time ago
but I thought it
would have been
different this time,
I didn't think that this
could happen to me again
with all of the stuff
that I've been through
in my past.

I guess the worst is not
over for me.I thought it's
supposed to be the best
is yet to come,but for me
it's the complete opposite.

I can't take it NO MORE.

Written by Cherau Perlite


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