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Beautiful Explosion

oh- deep there in your come-
hither eyes
thus to see an exclusive dream
vivid colors- epic details and
deeper stories, painted throughout the canvas of your
beautiful soul
you transcend any compliment
of magnificence that comes
to mind:
ebony- mahogany- delightful
diva- vicious woman - tyrant
lover of my bedroom walls
subtle straddles of your sensual
the cleave of your breasts
and the swim of your loins...
such royalty in raunchy
balance, thus I explain...
your elegance - erotic, sheer
explosive; thunder-climatic-
clap-your vixen ways
a chapter so full of brilliant
love, I lust for every line
the structure in your oceanic
kisses drowns inside of your
lips- sinking beyond your
heart and diving deep into
your plentiful soul:
the truth in your thighs
bring me closer
to your center of you trust
I lose the control that I never
yearn to regain
simply push all my strength
and sincerity inside of you
the passion in your body
leads me back and forth
guiding me without end
and I never tire of your
as we reach far into an endless
that takes us beyond
the feelings we thought exist
I reach out my hand
and you catch my every wish

Written by PF Pfefferlen


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