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let's talk about you…

I could probably look at you forever
and never tire of your face
your design, your silhouette
your being; your everything
I'm actually afraid to stop looking at you
fearing that I might miss an important
detail in your beauty
my god(dess) you are so beautiful
if I could, I would: follow you everywhere
that you go and compose love poems
for every minute that I am in your company
your essence
from everything that you do: from when you wake
to when you brush your teeth
to when you eat breakfast
to when you dress and undress
to when you use the restroom
to when you bathe or shower
to when you drink; to when you belch
to when you are angry; to when you cry
to when you laugh; to when you shout
to when you worry; to when you sigh
to when you moan; to you whistle-whisper
to everything that you do within the entire
span of a single... I'd yearn to be with you
especially when you sleep - as I slide right
beside you and began to listen to your
heartbeat and feel the rise and fall of your breasts
and how you move and re-position yourself
out of comfort and you began to breathe heavy
while my fingers strum your honey-nectar-hive
that drips about my fingertips as I taste your
sweetness upon the tip of my tongue
and coax your climax to an overflowing ocean
that splashes from your vaginal waterfalls
that I urge myself to dive inside and
drown within the abyss of your bliss
as you feel me... inside you...
invoking your womanly juices to intensify
your moist... warm... centers as you
reach out for me...

Written by PF Pfefferlen


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